To tan on the beach sand

Have holidays at Cadichonne means have a stay near the Atlantic Ocean. You will access to wide beaches and beautiful sea.
For tourists, who like sporting activity, you could try several activities : surfboarding, wind surfing ...


Walking on the pine forest

But it's still a stay near the pine forest, where there is some walkway ...


Between the Ocean and the River

The Cadichonne B&B is located 10 kilometers from the Gironde river.
You could walk along the rivershore or visit different fish harbour.
If you decide to go to "La pointe de Grave", you will see the River meeting the Ocean.



And the Wine...

Don't forget the famous red wine from Bordeaux. Your holidays at Cadichonne B&B offers to you, to taste and, if you want, to buy some wine bottles.
Near 10 kilometers from the Medoc wineyard, you could visit lands, which give birth to this particular grappes.